‘Arctic Lights’

Watching the ribbons of green, magenta and yellow is mesmerizing. These images were taken during a peak time of geomagnetic storm activity. This collection of images includes the aurora taken in Iceland, Alberta and British Columbia. 

Iceland - The crisp Arctic air makes the colours of the aurora just POP! Luckily, the aurora storms we managed to catch during the first three nights of our Iceland visit were some of the strongest storms that had occurred in over 5 years. We visited as many locations as possible during these nights and captured photographs over some iconic, and lesser know Icelandic landscapes. The adrenaline helped to fuel our energy to keep taking as many photos as possible, while standing on top of a cliff well into the middle of the night. 

Iceland Northern Lights Photography: ‘Vik Farmhouse’

Iceland Northern Lights Photography: ‘Northern Lights over Reykjavik’

Iceland Northern Lights Photography:‘Seydisfjordur’

Iceland Northern Lights Photography: ‘Dancing Sky’

Iceland Northern Lights Photography: ‘Reykjavik Beach’

Iceland Northern Lights Photography: ‘Godafoss Lightshow’

Northern Lights in the Canadian Rockies - Moraine Lake, Lake Minnewanka, Valley of Ten Peaks

This night was incredibly special, and included the most unforgettable moment of our photography journey. while we started out with astrophotography at Lake Minnewanka, we quickly switched gears when the sky started to light up with blue and green ribbons of the Aurora. We scrambled around in the dark rushing up to the top of the viewpoint of Moraine Lake, all while trying not to trip as we kept gazing up at the amazing light show in sky.

We scrambled to the top of the rock stack and naturally faced north as we didn’t expect to see any Aurora facing south this far away from the Arctic. Boy were we wrong! We turned around and saw the Aurora dancing over the famous Moraine Lake 10 peaks, we quickly turned our gear around and started shooting. We were the only people atop the rock stack, and while the cameras did their thing, we just decided to stop and take some moments to really appreciate the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience that we both will never forget!

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Valley of Ten Peaks Under the Aurora’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Steve'

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Lake Minnewanka Light Show’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Moraine Aurora Silhouette’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘The Pillars’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Corona’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Lake Minnewanka Aurora Pano’

Banff Alberta Aurora Photography: ‘Lake Minnewanka Aurora Pano’

The 49th Parallel - Porteau Cove, B.C

Due to the Greater Vancouver area being lower south than Alberta and Northern BC, the visibility of the aurora depends on the strength or ‘kp’ of the aurora storm that occurs. Our first time witnessing the Northern Lights was actually in our backyard in Porteau Cove Provincial Park (where these photos were taken). After frequently following aurora websites that would forecast upcoming geomagnetic storms, we decided to head out to a nearby location that would have low light pollution and still be easy to access. At first our eyes had to adjust to the natural dark skies, but after seeing the images appear on the LCD, we were so ecstatic to actually capture the dancing aurora above the mountain peaks. These photos were taken during aurora storms that ranged between 5-7 KP.

Vancouver Northern Lights Photography: ‘Steve in Porteau Cove’


One night after getting an email about a potential strong geomagnetic storm, we headed out to Porteau Cove. We noticed a very bright white line streaking from behind a mountain and up across the sky. At first, we thought it was a strong flashlight. It really stood out and once we became aware that it wasn’t moving like the aurora occurring to the north of where we stood, we started to take photos to get a better idea of what the beam of light could be.

We originally thought that we had captured a Proton Arc. However, by sheer luck, we learned almost a year later that we had in fact photographed a phenomenon known as ‘STEVE’ by citizen scientists as part of the ‘Alberta Aurora Group’. We felt extremely lucky to have seen and captured this unique phenomenon. This was a perfect example of ‘Right place, right time’.

Vancouver Northern Lights Photography: ‘Steve over Mountain’

Vancouver Aurora Photography: ‘Porteau Cove Aurora’

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