This is our favourite photos of fog taken around the Greater Vancouver area including Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and Stanley Park, and Cypress Mountain. Most of the time, it’s hard to predict whether the conditions for fog will work out, mainly with low lying fog. As always, being patient pays off and we usually have to wait for fog to roll into the scene. When the light is perfect, it just adds that much more magic to the photo. The best part of photographing fog is the unpredictability of it, as each scene is constantly changing.  We find that the best time to capture fog is during cold, clear early mornings, after a cold night.

Vancouver Fog Photography: “Golden Touch”

‘Misty Morning’

‘A Walk in the Fog’


Golden Ears Provincial Park has always been one of our favourite locations to shoot fog in the Greater Vancouver area. This second-growth forest was planted in a particular way that has created moss covered, parallel trees that really lend themselves to misty, foggy mornings. When timed right, the sun will hit these trees early in the morning, resulting in magical light rays all around the forest.

This tree caught our eye as we were taking a walk in the park one particular morning. The sun rays were moving really quickly through the forest and we had to abandon our tripods to gently make it to the right spot. We managed to catch the scattered light just in time around a small tree growing out of an old growth stump. Sometimes things work out just right, even when all plans go out the window!

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Illuminated’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Walking in a Dream’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Walking in a Dream’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Mossy Magic’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Foggy Sunburst’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Leading the Way’

This sunrise was taken from one our favourite spots during fog season in Vancouver. In this image, the buildings in Downtown Vancouver and Lions Gate Bridge peak out from under the thick fog. In the distance are the silhouettes of Washington State mountains, as well as a colourful sunrise. Definitely a memorable morning for us!

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Fogcouver’


Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Cotton Candy Dream’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Mount Baker’

A foggy morning in Vancouver’s Stanley Park provided us with great mood and atmosphere as we walked along the seawall, and snapped photos from different perspectives.

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Deep in Thought’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Lions Gate Bridge’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Vancouver Fog Silhouette’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘City of Fog’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Feeling the Blues’

Vancouver Fog Photography: ‘Misty Forest’

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