Over the years in our photography journey, we’ve come to realize that we have an unhealthy need to photograph trees in snow. As such, it’s fitting to have a gallery dedicated to our attempts. We gotta say its resulted in some of our personal favourite photographs!

The Red Umbrella - This photo was more than three years in the making before we were able to actually achieve what we had in mind. We had targeted these specific trees for years as potential subjects for this photograph, but had to wait for the right conditions. Three years later, during a particularly strong snow storm (strong for the Vancouver area) we headed down to the area with our umbrella and the conditions were absolutely perfect. Thick snowflakes were covering the entire beach, and the ocean was barely visible in the background.

We placed the umbrella on the tree and took our shots not realizing that there were people on the beach in the distance. While we were editing, we noticed the couple in the background walking their dog and decided to keep them in the shot as they added an extra element of life to this photo. Some photographs are definitely worth the wait.

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘The Red Umbrella’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Standing Alone’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Laying Roots’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Centered Elegance’


Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Reaching Across’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘the Lone Umbrella’

This lone tree growing off of a cliff at West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park has always been an intriguing subject to photograph. However, we never came away with a photo we were completely happy with. We decided to pay this area a visit during another snow storm, and we’re so happy we did. The area was transformed, and natural leading lines were created thanks to the blowing snow against the rocks. Absolutely the best conditions to photograph this particular spot.


Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘The Lone Arbutus’


Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Blizzard in the Forrest’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘The Setting Moon’

Vancouver Snow Photography: ‘Sunrise in the Mountains’

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