While grand vistas and epic mountains are obvious subjects for any landscape photographer, its easy at times to look past certain smaller details in each scene. It maybe the way light and shadow play against the bark on a tree or the way that the white foam of water contrasts with black, volcanic sand on a beach. These scenes offer new perspectives for us to showcase the beauty of nature on a smaller scale.

We found that we like to use a telephoto lens for abstracts, as it can be much easier to cut out distracting elements and focus our eyes on the subject of the photo.

These images display how even the simplest subjects can convey various moods through the play of light, textures, and colours.

This photo for us is the perfect example of the fleeting nature of time. We took this photo only a few months into our photography journey, but it remains one of our favourite black and white photos. It displays a beautiful dead tree that has since been taken down after a severe wind storm. Looking back, we were quite sad to see the tree gone, but happy to have captured it before it was too late.

Fine Art Photography: ‘The Lone Tree’

Fine Art Photography: ‘The Arrow’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Painterly Lines’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Painterly Lines’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Remnants of the Fire’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Through the Mist’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Standing Alone’

Fine Art Photography: ‘The Floating Pallete’

One of the hundreds of stops alongside the Banff/Lake Louise road. Its incredible what can be found just behind a few bushes. These beautiful Aspens were surrounded by lush yellow and orange bushes in their peak fall colours.

Fine Art Photography: ‘Set in Motion’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Breaking Through’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Fall Morning from Emerald Lake"‘


Fine Art Photography: ‘Selective Light”


Fine Art Photography: ‘Foggy Morning Pastels’

Fine Art Photography: ‘Pastel Stacks’


Fine Art Photography: ‘Joffre Lakes Reflections’


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