It’s safe to say the Canadian Rockies have left an amazing impression on us, and we have an unforgettable trip each and every time we visit. Our first visit was in the summer, and while it was incredible, we prefer visiting during the Fall when larch season is in full swing. During our autumn visits, we have managed to take some of our favourite photos from places including Moraine Lake (mostly early in the morning to avoid crowds), Wedge Pond in Kananaskis Country, Bow Lake, Herbert Lake and Two Jake Lake. We also had our most memorable night under the Aurora, and have had some amazing wildlife sightings to top things off.

Here’s a collection of our favourite images from the Canadian Rockies, we hope you enjoy!

Medicine Lake (Pictured below) was one of the most pleasant surprises for us during our visits to Jasper National Park. On the way to Maligne Lake lies this beautiful lake surrounded by black burnt trees by forest fires. We spent an evening watching a few moose roaming the area, and returned then next morning for this amazing sunrise.

Jasper Photography: ‘Medicine Lake Sunrise’

Kananaskis Country Photography: ‘Last Rays of the Day’

Banff Photography: ‘Explosive Peaks’

Jasper Photography: ‘Medicine Lake Surprise’

This small pond is a scenic drive through Kananaskis Country near the beautiful town of Canmore, and while it may not be an extremely popular destination, it is well worth a visit. We’ve had amazing fall conditions for both of our visits to Wedge Pond, and hopefully we’ll be there again soon for sunrise.

Kananaskis Country Photography: ‘Wedge Pond Fire’


Banff Photography: ‘Mount Chephren’


Banff Photography: ‘Crescent Moon over Two Jack Lake’

Banff Photography: ‘Bow Lake Colours’

We took this photo at Moraine Lake during our very first visit to Banff National Park, and it’s easy to say that it left a lasting impression! Can you blame us? Just look at this view. Moraine has gotten much busier over the past few years. The morning we took this photo we were one of only a handful of photographers on the famous Rock Stack.

Banff Photography: ‘Moraine Lake Sunrise’

Canadian Rockies Photography: ‘Emerald Lake Beauty’

Banff Photography: ‘Moraine under the Stars’

Banff Photography: ‘Down the Winding Road’

Banff Photography: ‘Moody Bow Lake’

On this morning, we spent over four hours at Emerald Lake watching conditions change right before our eyes. The atmosphere went from a moody blue hour to a golden mist on the lake. The result was the photo below with a burst of gold mist framing the island. One bonus of being on the lake for sunrise was watching a moose family enjoy a morning swim before going back into the mountains.


Yoho Photography: ‘Light-rays and Mist at Emerald Lake’


Banff Photography: ‘Mirrored Reflection’

Banff Photography: ‘Larch Explosion’

Kananaskis Country Photography: ‘Wedge Colours’


Banff Photography: ‘Rising Peak’


Banff Photography: ‘Pastel Sunrise from Moraine Lake’

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