While we’ve had photographs of lakes and waterfalls in our mountains and Iceland galleries, we turn our focus on the ocean, and local waterfalls in this gallery. We’re lucky to live by the Pacific ocean, and we use every opportunity to escape the city and watch a beautiful sunset. The ocean offers a unique challenge with the ever changing waves, the movement of the tide, as well as the variety of semi-exposed foregrounds. You’re guaranteed to find different compositions with each visit.

We find this uncertainty to be an amazing source of inspiration for our seaside photography. We’ve included our favourite images of oceans, lakes, tide pools, and waterfalls in this gallery.

Iceland Photography: ‘Morning Waves at Dyrholaey’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Alouette Lake Sunset’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Golden Falls’


Vancouver Photography: ‘Lighthouse Park Tide-pool’


Vancouver Photography: ‘Dramatic Skies over Howe Sound’

These two photographs were taken at Vancouver’s Wreck beach. While this beach can be a bit difficult to photograph during the summer months, we are usually one of the few people visiting the area in the winter. The rocks on this beach provide the perfect foreground subjects for creating movement in photographs.

Vancouver Photography: ‘Wreck Beach Rocks’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Foreground Movement’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Foreground Movement’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Streaking Across’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Mossy Leading Lines’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Mossy Leading Lines’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Cracks in the Earth’

West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park is a local spot we frequent often, and each visit offers something new. This area is full of forest trails that lead out onto granite rocks. Depending on the tide, every spot is different, and needs a bit of creativity. We’ve been to this park on more occasions than we can count, and we return with a new experience every time.

Vancouver Photography: ‘Sunset Calm’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Whytecliff Glow

Vancouver Photography: ‘Chasing Dinner’

Siwash Rock is an iconic part of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, and for good reason. This beautiful Sea Stack has an interesting story, and can be photographed in a variety of different conditions. After visiting Siwash Rock numerous times, we were finally able to capture a photograph that we were really happy with. As usual, all the elements came together to make this photo possible.


Vancouver Photography: ‘Siwash Sunset


Iceland Landscape Photography: ‘Diamond on the Beach’

Vancouver Photography: ‘Cascade Falls’

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